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8 Ton Electric Log Splitter MAX AXE

Heavy Duty 4-way Cross Axe Attachment
Split Wedge Attachment
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Our 8 ton vertical electric log splitter is a really tough worker. This powerful splitter is the choice of many leading contractors in Manchester.

As a vertical machine, it is really comfortable to use as the operator can stand upright while using and cut the log on the worktable just like slicing a cake into sections.

Features of the 8 Ton MAX AXE Electric Log Splitter:
  • Heavy duty splitting power: 8 Ton
  • Heavy duty 4-way cross axe attachment: £30 
  • Split wedge attachment: £30 
  • Splitting axe length: 200mm (8")
  • Splitting axe width: 20mm (0.75")
  • 1 pilot hole for cross axe
  • Splitting axe tilted forward to 25 degrees for maximum splitting force
  • Box iron inside sleeve/barrel attached to axe 100mm (4")
  • Box iron outside sleeve/barrel 115mm (4.5")
  • Ground surface plate 330mm (13") wide x 430mm (17") deep
  • Maximum wood length: 23"/30"/42"
  • Maximum wood diameter: 22"
  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz (single phase) - 16amp plug
  • Log Splitter Weight: 103kgs
  • Carton Size: 56x45.5x110cm, (22"x18"x43.5")
  • Power: 3000W
  • Copper wire in log splitter motor
  • Wheels and handle make moving log splitter easy
  • Log Splitter comes with safety guard over hydraulic pump section 
  • Log Splitter comes with built in safety features
  • Log Splitter comes with 12 month warranty.  CE approved.
  • Product support and after sales service guaranteed.

Call Sterling Trailers and Products on 01706 632608 or 07802 677542 to find out more. Further to our electric log splitters, you may also be interested in our high-powered petrol log saws.